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Levying of an Availability Charge for Sewerage (Municipal Council of Velddrif)

South Africa

Levying of an Availability Charge for Sewerage (Municipal Council of Velddrif) By-law, 1994

The Premier has approved the following by-law framed by the Municipal Council of Velddrif.
[Some of the provisions of this By-law have no headings.]


The charge payable to the Council by the owner of any property connected to the sewerage system of the Council or not connected to the sewerage system but which in the opinion of the Council can reasonably be so connected shall be fixed by the Council by special resolution.


For purposes of this by-law a portion of a month shall be regarded as a full month, and any levy made in terms thereof shall be cancelled only at the end of the month in which the connection for the supply of the services has been made.

3. Payment of accounts

(1)All accounts shall become due and payable when such accounts are rendered.
(2)The Council shall have the right to charge interest if an account is not paid within the prescribed period, as stated on the account.
(3)Owners of premises shall be responsible for obtaining statements of their accounts so as to enable them to pay these within the prescribed period.
(4)If a consumer disputes an account, payment of such account shall not be deferred by such consumer until such dispute has been settled.
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