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This By-law was repealed on 2016-06-24 by Parking Management.
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South Africa

Traffic By-law, 2002

  1. [Repealed by Parking Management on 24 June 2016]
Notice is hereby given in terms of section 13 of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000) that the Municipal Council of the Swartland Municipality has made the by-law set out in the schedule hereto:

1. Definitions

In this by-law, unless the context otherwise indicates:-"council" means the council of the Swartland Municipality;"gross vehicle mass", in relation to a motor vehicle, means the maximum mass of such vehicle and its load as specified by the manufacturer thereof, or in absence of such specification, as determined by the registering authority."park" or "parked " means to keep a vehicle, whether occupied or not, stationary for a period of time longer than is reasonably necessary for the actual loading or unloading of persons or goods, but does not include any such keeping of a vehicle by reason of a cause beyond the control of the person in charge of such vehicle;"public place" means any square, park, recreation ground, sports ground, lane, open space or enclosed place vested in the Municipality or other state authority or indicated as such on the Surveyor General's records or utilized by the public or zoned as such in terms of the applicable zoning scheme or at any time declared or rendered such by the council or any other competent authority."public road" any road, street or thoroughfare or any other place which is commonly used by the public or any section thereof or to which the public or any section thereof has a right of access, and includes-(a)the verge of any such road, street or thoroughfare;(b)any footpath, sidewalk or similar pedestrian portion of a road reserve;(c)any bridge, ferry or drift traversed by any such road, street or thoroughfare;(d)any other work or object belonging to such road, street or thoroughfare, footpath or sidewalk;"trailer" means a vehicle which is not self-propelled and which is designed or adapted to be drawn by a motor vehicle, but does not include a side-car attached to a motor cycle; "urban" area means that portion or portions of the area of jurisdiction of the Swartland Municipality which has by actual survey, been subdivided into erven or is surrounded by surveyed erven, and includes the public roads abutting thereon.

Parking by trailers

1.No trailer shall be parked in any public road or public place within the area of jurisdiction of the council.Parking of vehicles: Gross vehicle mass of or in excess of 3 600 kg.
2.No vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of or exceeding 3 600 kg shall be parked in any public road or public place within the urban areas of the towns of Malmesbury, Moorreesburg and Darling between 20:00 and 05:00, excluding, however, those public roads indicated in the schedule hereto.


3.Any person who contravenes or fails to comply with any provision of this by-law shall be guilty of an offence and liable upon conviction to a penalty not exceeding-
(1)a fine of one thousand Rands or imprisonment for a period of six months or either such fine or such imprisonment or both such fine and such imprisonment;
(2)in the case of a continuing offence, an additional fine of fifty Rands or an additional period of imprisonment of ten days or either such additional fine or such additional imprisonment or both such additional fine and imprisonment for each day on which such offence is continued, and
(3)a further amount equal to any costs and expenses found by the court to have been incurred by the local authority as a result of such contravention or failure.


Roads excluded from the provisions of section 2 of this by-law:
1.Malmesbury:That portion of Bokomo Road between Voortrekker Road and Pieter Bergh Street.
2.Moorreesburg:Long Street
3.DarlingCaledon Street
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History of this document

24 June 2016
Repealed by Parking Management
19 April 2002 this version