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COVID-19 Regulations
Some municipal functions such as public transport, restaurant hours and liquor sales are impacted by recent national COVID-19 regulations.
Read the COVID-19 regulations.

Title Published Updated
Advisory Board for Nature Reserves 2004-10-22
Camping Areas 2004-10-22
Commonage 2004-10-22
Control of Boats and Boating on the Clanwilliam Dam 2004-10-22
Control of Cemeteries 2004-10-22
Control of Disposal Sites 2004-10-22
Control of the Seashore and the Sea Situated Within or Adjoining the Area of Jurisdiction of the Municipality of Cederberg 2004-10-22
Electricity Supply 2004-10-22
Fire Safety 2004-10-22
Impoundment of Animals 2004-10-22
Keeping of Dogs 2004-10-22
Liquor Trading Days and Hours 2013-03-28
Municipal Land Use Planning 2019-03-15
Municipal Property Rates 2019-06-07
Nature Reserves 2004-10-22
Outdoor Advertising and Signage 2004-10-22
Parks for Caravans and Mobile Homes 2004-10-22
Prevention of Public Nuisances and the Keeping of Animals, Poultry, Pigeons and Bees 2004-10-22
Public Amenities 2004-10-22
Refuse Removal 2004-10-22
Special Rating Areas 2015-03-20
Street Trading 2004-10-22
Streets 2004-10-22
Swimming Pools 2004-10-22
Water Supply, Sanitation Services and Industrial Effluent 2004-10-22


Title Published Repealed

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