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Repeal By-law, 2014

  • Published in Western Cape Provincial Gazette no. 7285 on 11 July 2014
  • Commenced on 11 July 2014
  • [This is the version of this document from 10 October 2014 and includes any amendments published up to 28 April 2023.]
  1. [Amended by Repeal By-law: Rectification (Local Authority Notice 14 of 2014) on 10 October 2014]

Purpose of by-law

• To repeal the by-laws of the disestablished municipalities of Darling, Koringberg, Malmesbury, Yzerfontein and Mooreesburg to the extent they have been made applicable to Swartland Municipality by the authorisation for the execution of powers and functions in terms of section 84(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, 1998 (Act 117 of 1998), which authorisation was published by Government Notice No 43 dated 3 January 2003.• To repeal certain by-laws adopted by Swartland Municipality;

1. Repeal of by-laws

The by-laws listed in the annexure hereto are repealed to the extent mentioned in the third column thereof.

2. Short title and commencement

This by-law is titled the Swartland Municipality Repeal By-law and shall come into operation on the date of publication thereof in the Provincial Gazette.
Provincial Notice By-law Extent of repeal
Former Darling Municipality
0639/1953 HealthLightInformationAnimalsButcheryBakeryProcedure meetingsSanitation The whole
0450/1957 Water The whole
0451/1957 Additional water The whole
0255/1959 Barbers hairdressers The whole
0260/1959 Fire brigade charges The whole
0330/1961 Prevention of fires The whole
0822/1964 Dairies milk The whole
0687/1966 Staff leave The whole
0414/1967 Additional staff leave The whole
0064/1975 Availability charges The whole
0717/1975 Antenna systems television The whole
0592/1979 Depasturing of animals on municipal land The whole
239/1991 Library The whole
0518/1991 Electricity The whole
Former Koringberg Municipality
1158/1966 Water The whole
0819/1968 FishmongersSanitation The whole
0521/1984 Additional water The whole
0160/1991 AnimalsPoultryStaff leave The whole
Former Malmesbury Municipality
0498/1960 Medical aid The whole
0221/1966 Governing the installation of petroleum, petrol and motor spirit pumps The whole
0068/1994 Taxis The whole
0428/1997 BakeryBarbers hairdressers cemetery restaurants tea-roomsDrainageDairies milkWaterFishmongersStaff leaveInformationAntenna systems  
  Fire brigadePoultryAccommodationProcedure meetingsButcheryMeatLibraryAnimals The whole
0004/1998 Availability charges The whole
0005/1998 Paardenberg nature reserve The whole
0006/1998 Advisory board for paardenberg The whole
0009/1998 Additional electricity The whole
0015/1998 Keeping of poultry The whole
0016/1998 Drainage The whole
0017/1998 Sanitation The whole
0021/1998 Taxis The whole
0025/1998 Water The whole
0401/1998 Infectious disease hospital The whole
0402/1998 leave of nurses The whole
0403/1998 Handling of food The whole
0446/1998 Vendor, pedlar or hawker The whole
0226/1999 Commonage The whole
0253/1999 Vendor, pedlar or hawker The whole
Former Mooreesburg Municipality
0315/1929 Additional abattoir The whole
0663/1951 Traffic signs The whole
0912/1952 Sanitary removal charges The whole
0058/1958 Water The whole
0765/1964 RestaurantsFishmongersDrainageStaff leave The whole
0897/1966 Staff leave The whole
0698/1975 Antenna systems television The whole
1285/1978 Information The whole
0536/1982 Fire brigade The whole
0743/1983 The storing of liquefied petroleum gas The whole
0605/1984 Additional camping, parks for caravans and mobile homes The whole
0442/1986 Provide for the payment of interest on overdue accounts The whole
0443/1986 The numbering of houses The whole
0279/1989 Procedure meetings The whole
0146/1991 Library The whole
0290/1996 Taxi The whole
0188/1998 Informal trading The whole
0327/1998 PoultryElectricityAccommodationButcheryMeatAnimals The whole
0675/1998 Prevention of fires The whole
0677/1998 Additional electricity supply The whole
0678/1998 Availability charges The whole
0682/1998 Additional drainage The whole
0683/1998 Sanitation The whole
0687/1998 Sewerage and drainage–industrial effluent The whole
0690/1998 Additional water The whole
0691/1998 Taxi The whole
Former Yzerfontein Municipality
0229/1999 Control of harbour area The whole
0461/2000 By-law pertaining to the control of the harbour area The whole
Swartland Municipality
19 April 2002 Swimming bath by-law The whole
["By-law relating to the control of streets and door-to-door collections" deleted by Rectification Notice 14 of 2014]
19 April 2002 By-law relating to parks for caravans and mobile homes The whole
19 April 2002 By-law relating to camping areas The whole
19 April 2002 By-law relating to streets The whole
19 April 2002 Public amenities by-law The whole
["By-law relating to the management and administration of immovable property" deleted by Rectification Notice 14 of 2014]
27 Junie 2008 Verordening vir die beheer van vuurwerke The whole

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